The Chaincourt Theatre Company


Days of Summer

book by Miriam Dold

directed by James Fisk

What do you do when you’re in the middle of casting a show and suddenly there’s no way to perform?  The University of Iowa’s theatre group, “Drama Force”, must answer this question after their budget is drastically cut.  Their immediate answer is a simple one:  sing a song about it.  But it soon becomes clear that won’t be enough.  The small band of Thespians will have to fight for their very existence as their space is to be transformed into a technically revolutionary media centre.  Can the members of “Drama Force” prevent the university from sending them into theatrical oblivion or will they succumb to the administration’s futuristic plans?  And then there are, of course, the typical personal problems and crises of life that come into play because, as in any “normal” theatre group, the real drama takes place offstage.

Days of Summer represents the Chaincourt Theatre Company’s first musical production whose script has been written by one its members.  Inspired by the author’s experience and ideas as well as developed through contributions from members of the theatre group, the script is accompanied and enhanced by well-known popular and musical songs.  And so a musical comes into being that strives to be taken seriously only to the extent that it means to please the audience.

Performances:  29 & 30 June as well as 5 & 7 July, 2012

Location:  Room 1.741 (Mehrzweckraum) in the “Nebengebäude“ Uni Campus Westend

Curtain:  19:30

Ticket reservations and sales:  IG 3.257 (“Zimmer 17”) Grüneburgplatz 1, Tel.: (069) 798-32550

Opening hours:  Monday 12-16, Tuesday 10-14, Wednesday 10-12 & Thursday 10-14

Also available at ticket booth on every performance evening as of 18:30

Unkostenbeitrag:  10 euros, 5 euros reduced

Contact:  James Fisk, Artistic Director, Chaincourt Theatre Company,

Further information:

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Production Personnel for Days of Summer

Director:  James Fisk

Script Writer:  Miram Dold

Choreographer:  Christina Klas

Vocal Coach:  Sebastian Kitzinger

Actors:  Simone Beege, Georginna Caballero, Miriam Dold, Alexander Eirich, Mandy Glanert, Julia Haase, Pablo Coloma, Christopher Hock, Imane Krirat, Céline Kremer, Stephanie Rehder, Marion Sacher, Marcus Schill, Dajana Schmidt, Sebastian Wenzel

Musicians:  Sebastian Corrinth, Alexander Keidel, André Wahl

Crew:  Fee Heitland, Rebecca Ohanes, Thimo Rohloff, Marion Sacher, Markus Thalhammer

Poster and Programme Design:  Stephanie Rehder

Photographs from the production of Days of Summer



Poetic Voices and the Student Anthology

The annual English-language poetry evening, “Poetic Voices,” will take place on Friday, June 15, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in NG 1.741b. This event features student poets and singers as well as musicians. Send your submissions to by May 25, 2012. Each poem should not exceed two double-spaced pages; please include a link to your original music if available.

A poetry workshop with Barbara Thimm will be held on May 3, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 8 pm. in Casino 1.811.

Goethe University students and alumni are welcome to submit original stories, poems or photographs for publication in the annual student anthology. Current students may join the editorial team, which is responsible for selection, editing, lay-out, and design. Participating in Poetic Voices or editing the Student Anthology may earn you credit points and strengthen applications for internships or study abroad. Anthologies are available for sale in Room 17 (4 euro each).

Poetic Voices:

Student Anthology:

Sponsored by The Chaincourt Theatre Company and The Calliopean Society. You may also contact Dr. Preciado, who directs these activities:

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